Human Resource And Payroll Management System


Time & Attendance Monitoring

 OASys delivers powerful easy to use tools for :
  -  Human Resource Information Management
  -  Payroll Processing
  -  Time & Attendance Monitoring     
  Used by several companies across Jamaica  managing
  cumulatively thousands of employee records with vast
  differences in roles, compensation and leave
 Eliminate time theft, track lateness and absentee          
  -  Unlimited Self Defined Work/Shift Schedule  (anytime, any day)
  -  Automate Overtime Approval & Payments from User Defined Rules 
  -  Manage Leave Entitlement And Usage      
 The system communicates directly with time capture devices (time clocks)
  manufactured by Anviz and  ZK Tech. This allows for a seamless transfer of
  approved pay hours to be processed via the payroll module, uploaded to any 
  banking platform and notify staff via email with their pay slips attached.
  The system also supports GL Journals data exchange for various accounting
   packages. Statutory tax filing obligations (S01, S02) are also fully supported     
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