Integration of time and attendance
because people matter
With state-of-the-art fingerprint authentication technology you can track your employee’s time and attendance with the touch of a finger. Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance information. The system verifies an employee’s identity based on the characteristics of their fingerprint. State of the art technological advances in biometrics have now made this surprisingly affordable and popular. The Fingerprint reading sensor scans any fingerprint in under 1 second; this in turn will  make clocking in and out much faster for your employees and at the same time saving your company time and money by paying your employees for the exact time they work. Your company will also reduce costly payroll and data entry errors caused by the old time card system. A large easy to read LCD screen displays the current time and the in & out punch indications for each employee.  It records all employee information in it’s internal memory, the number of employee records stored is dependent on the model purchased.

Employee information is downloaded from the time clock into OASys payroll system from 3 options:
1.   Connecting the time clock directly to your network with an ethernet cable connected to a router or switch on your network.

2.   Connecting the serial com port cable provided directly to the computer you can easily download all the employee records to the software program which automatically calculates the information to view, print and create various time and attendance reports.

3.    Wi-Fi connection or dial-up modem, you simply connect the Bioelectronix Wi-Fi Modem  to the  Time Clock and you can control the time clock wirelessly or thru a telephone line  via modem.

Download the in/out punches from the timeclock database directly into OASys timesheet  in 2 steps.

1.  Click the import wizard and connect to timeclock that is linked to computer via LAN, serial port, wifi or modem interface.
2.  Click the  [Next ] button and thats it....   Your payroll is ready to process......