Human Resource And Payroll Management System
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OASys is the trademark name of software products developed by Software Engineer David Williams and Partners.
Located in Jamaica, West Indies our product over the years has evolved with the technology from DOS 
Foxpro database applications to the now robust Windows SQL Server database applications.  

Our focus is creating business oriented software solutions. 

Our methodology involves you the user to provide us with feedback to enhance the quality of the product as such
OASys does not charge subscription like our competition does. We rely on our users to take advantage of our on-line help system which reduce the overhead for providing support in answering your questions. If you do not find a solution online, please use the online support forum to ask your question. A reply will be forwarded to your email address and the answer also posted in the Support Forum to be available for anyone else having the same question.  Feel free to contact us here we will be more than happy to talk or visit you.

There are 4 main general application products offered online and currently supported by us:

1) OASys Payroll and HRMS  
Delivering powerful easy-to-use human resource and payroll management solutions. with comprehensive reports, automatic tax computations, full retroactive income generation,  excellent loans and fringe benefit manager, staff leave scheduling, lateness and attendance records, appraisal method and  excellent document management feature for "print as you need" reducing filing storage space,  paper, toner and ink  read more..

2) OASys Personal Assistant 
A program that organizes personal business information. It also allows scheduling and payment of bills, maintain interest on investment & maturity dates, insurance renewal and beneficiary, assets, liability and net-worth computations

3) OASys Stores
Point Of Sale system for small or medium enterprise, with wholesale and retail pricing,
Inventory tracking and various sales reports including TAX returns.   

4) OASys Vehicle  & Equipment Management System
A total control system for you if you provide trucking, heavy equipment services, operate a garage or just want to keep track of preventative or emergency maintenance on your vehicle. The system maintain a dynamic inventory listing of parts and services relevant to your vehicle by manufacturer and year , fuel usage, operation hours and mileage, work scheduling and client billing. 

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