OASys delivers powerful easy-to-use tools for human resource and payroll management of your staff or sub-contractors. 

The software is built with technology and features which makes 
it very powerful yet easy to use. 

Features Include:

•    Five Concurrent Payroll Method  per Company File Created
     Monthly, Weekly, Fort Nightly, Bi-Monthly or Sub-Contractor 

•   Report Definition And Data Export  
     export data from OASys system to other software application eg
    General ledger export of payroll transaction into accounts system

•   Staff Leave Management automatically generate leave                  availability, process request for leave and maintain log of all leave    used. Reports include cost of leave both on used and unused leave  days 

•   Multiple Currency Type Payroll Processing 
      - maintains a log of currency exchange rates at time of pay, 
        convert and report on tax liability in currency of choice     

•  Content Sensitive Integrated Help  
     -invoked for subject of interest or current displayed screen  

•  Collective or selective Rerun And Reprints Of Payroll 

•  Database Query And Reporting Tools
   - this query feature allow user to enter database request and define
     layout of report for records returned.   

For IT Professionals:
• Data can be hosted on a stand alone or Network Server
• Compatibility to Windows Operating System from Win 98 up..   
• Security - multi-level database password and data encryption
• Low-maintenance 

   OASys - Payroll & HRMIS Application

OASys Payroll & HRMIS Software features

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